Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Analysis of TV Advertisement Essay Example

Analysis of TV Advertisement Essay Example Analysis of TV Advertisement Essay Analysis of TV Advertisement Essay Lynx is a company that makes deodorant and other toiletries. This is a company that has a very strong brand name and a wide following of young, fashionable, heterosexual males. Because of its good brand name in this country there is very little need for it to make a name for itself from scratch and it can build upon what is already known.  Addressee: The Public Men.  The addressee is obviously men and maybe the odd burley lesbian. The type of men targeted will mainly be single, fashionable, young and heterosexual. This advert is all about getting a girl and this will only apply to single men, as they are the type of men looking for women anyway. As the brand label and distinctive masculine fragrance is a very fashionable thing at the moment and is thought to be very good for your sex appeal. It applies to young people because the target of the mans aims is a very attractive and young lady that will put it older men out of the target group. Well the fact this is a sexually orientated advert rules out people with other sexual orientations. It is used to stop people smelling of bodily odors. Message: Buy Lynx to get attractive women.  This is a very sexually orientated advert with the message that Lynx will make you more appealing to the opposite sex. It is supposed to be funny and show should even work for the man in the advert who isnt very attractive, Ive been told. The reason that Lynx appeals to heterosexual males is that lynx displays in its advertisements that when you use lynx you have an ability you wouldnt usually have to get girls. Contact and Code: Visual and Audio.  This is a television advert so it obviously a visual experience. But the audio way is very strange. It is only music and some short narration so the music does not have a lot of importance in the advert. But the music is strange and I think that it is supposed to make it comical and the music is positive in a strange sort of way. The narrator was a normal person and was speaking as if from a nature program describing the man as a male hornbill. About The Advertisements  The Setting  The setting is a public library where you educate yourself, and maybe this advert is about educating the viewer. It is a normal place that we have all been to and it is a normal situation for someone to be in with a weird twist on it taking it just out of reality.  The Lighting  The lighting is very bright and warming effect. It is not harsh light and makes the environment look clean, fresh and friendly. The lighting comes from above and the left and it is supposed to brighten up the face of the girl and make her more attractive. The Man  The man is not a very attractive guy and would find it hard to get a girl like the one in the advertisement. He looks normal but there is an interesting twist, the fact that has very long toenails! This tries to be different from the usual way to courting a girl but it is still successful, like Lynx.  The Woman  The girl is very attractive and she would be a target for many men. She would be the sort of dream woman of most guys and therefore she would appeal to a large group of people. This would catch the eye of a young men channel flicking and they would watch the rest of the advert.  When he taps his feet on the floor all of the women in the room are interested. This shows that it has a universal effect, like Lynx.

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