Friday, November 15, 2019

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I am Buddhist An often forgotten essential in our short existence we call â€Å"life† is our need for at least a quintessential connection of spirituality for our own subsistence. And as this world we live in, develops into supposed â€Å"development’’ and as evolution directs our way of life into a tedious search of happiness derived from money†¦ and a person in a modern society barely has a moment for a prayer and â€Å"time’’ being as impatient as it is, the youth have no seconds to just sit and contemplate the power of a higher being, that a GOD might be the one that governs our destiny and fate†¦ and to have a flicker of an instant where one experiences a religious outlook on life†¦the air we breathe turns a little fresher and a load gets lifted off shoulders of stressed mentalities†¦ and call it a â€Å"pre-mature revelation’’ or a pious unveiling of my character but I have encountered such an emotion when I visited a ha ven called Bodh Gaya. Situated in the most corrupts of states in India, Bihar†¦it is an oasis of belief and hope and maybe the only answer and truth to some. It’s an uncanny placement for enlightenment, one might suggest†¦ but as a Buddhist, imagining all the struggle and suffering that the Buddha had overcome and all the adversities he had surpassed and of course the harsh truth he reveals to us and conveys with such meaning in his simple diction is at most overwhelming. At first sight the Mahabodhi temple standing tall among such meagre neighbours, humbled me at once†¦ petrifying in some ways and yet it seemed to comfort me all at once. As for the papal tree where Buddha had gained salvation is surrounded with such spirituality that it seemed to bog down upon my shoulders and yet at the same time it uplifted my spirits in the most unexplainable way. The hustling and bustling noises of Indians selling odd trinkets and beggars among the streets are drowned by the Tantric chants of monks praying in union. A pilgrimage that changed the way I thought about the youth†¦ and I was young too, therefore it basically changed the way I thought. As words are my limits†¦ so is word my only limits through which I cannot describe and do justice to the communion that one has to go there and experience for oneself. ‘’Nothing is as constant as change’’ and the journey through life does not end until death.

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