Sunday, November 3, 2019

Reflective Writing on strategic business environment sustainablitiy Assignment

Reflective Writing on strategic business environment sustainablitiy - Assignment Example have made a brief examination about the actual picture regarding the consequence of present industrial activities on environment degradation and also made value judgements about preserving ecology. Before embarking upon this assignment, I had limited understanding about the term ‘sustainability’. However, after attending the lecture classes, I have realised that there are several aspects about sustainability, regarding which I was completely unaware. I had narrow perspective about sustainable development. I had a thought that sustainable development provides people and organisations the capability to support the environment in such a way so that they can end their reliance on sustaining profitability. However, sustainability, in broad perspective restricts the description to social aspects and partially financial aspects. Traditionally, I did not acknowledge sustainability as a serious problem. The assignment has provided me the knowledge about how significant is the issue of environmental sustainability. Nevertheless, in order to uphold environmental sustainability in business, a change is required in operational procedures. The term ‘sustainable development’ has been described from different perspectives. In general, it can be stated that sustainable development is a procedure through which we can ensure a sustainable future. Sustainable development is vital for all because it comprises social and economic along with environmental components which can protect the environment for the sake of entire human race (Natural Resources Canada, 2010). Gladwin & et. al., (1995) described that sustainable development is the procedure of accomplishing improvement in a comprehensive, associated, reasonable, judicious and protected way. Sustainability has also been defined as acting within the balance of natural environment and utilising natural resources at such a rate in which they can recover within minimal time. From business perspective, sustainability denotes

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